Test and Tag Electrical Services

Don't take any risks and get test and tagging services from Rescue Electric to ensure that your commercial property is compliant.

We are an approved master electrician with more than 30 years of experience.

Test and Tag Electrical Services in Melbourne

Employers take no chances and make sure your commercial property follows Victorian OHS regulations. Rescue Electric offers test and tag services. By having your workplace tested and tagged you are showing that you have a duty to ensure safety for visitors and employees. Sometimes, proof of a test and tag service can result in a lower insurance premium and a decrease in costly ad-hoc maintenance costs. Master electricians from our team have been providing test and tag services in Melbourne for over 30 years. They ensure that no device is overlooked.

Which items need electrical testing and tagging?

Below are some examples of items that need to be tested and tagged.

Although new items do not always have to immediately be tested and tagged, it is a good idea to speak with an electrician at Rescue Electric. Fill out our free quote form  by clicking on the button below or call us directly.

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