Landlord Safety Inspections

Are you confused about your landlord obligations?

Rescue Electric has done extensive research and met with safety experts to provide you with the right information. Read below to learn the requirements you must meet as a landlord.

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Landlord Safety Inspections Melbourne

This is mandatory for Victorian landlords.

Are you unsure of your landlord obligations?

We will arrange an inspection with your Tenant or Property Manager, and then email you a report. The information will be stored in our records so that we’ll know when to reminder you when your next safety inspection is due. This service comes at a reduced cost, as most of our work is done on the initial report.

Landlord Safety Checks

Starting from January 2021, renters must request the date of the last safety check from the rental provider. The rental provider must arrange for an electrical safety inspection of the rented premises if it hasn’t been done in the last two years.

In order for Rescue Electric to provide you with the required information for your electrical safety check, continue reading below.

Safety Checks Changes

The new compliance requirements for landlords in Victoria require that the rental provider conduct an electrical safety inspection of all electrical fittings, appliances and installations in the rented premises. An electrician licensed and registered must perform this check every two years. The electrician must provide the renter with the date and details of the most recent safety inspection upon request.

If an electrical safety inspection of the rented premises fails to take place within the last two years, the rental provider should arrange for an immediate electrical safety check.

Guidelines for Landlords

Rescue Electrics provides comprehensive in-depth safety and compliance check of electrical equipment in order to help ensure that your property is in compliance every 2 years with the New legislation changes effective from January 2021.

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