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Switchboard Upgrades in Melbourne

Your switchboard controls the flow of electricity from the main supply to the various circuits in your home or business. It is also responsible for the coordination of the electrical wiring. It is time to upgrade your electrical switchboard if it is outdated or nearing faulty. A switchboard upgrade or replacement is essential for the safety of your family or employees. There are many kinds of electrical switchboards. Some are better suited for certain types of properties. To ensure that you have the right unit, an electrical safety inspection is essential. Rescue Electric can provide all the assistance you need to ensure that you select the right switchboard for your premises.

What Are the Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade?

Rescue Electric Melbourne will upgrade your switchboard or replace it with the following:

Why Should You Upgrade Your Switchboard?

A new RCBO can instantly cut an electric circuit and prevent electric shock. This will protect you from the inconveniences of flickering lights and short-circuiting appliances. You will also need RCD protection for any electrical work. Your home might be quite old. This is important because there could be new rules or regulations than the ones that were in place when your older switchboard was installed.

What does a RCBO Do?

An RCBO is a combination between an MCB or an RCD smaller circuit breaker. Rescue Electric Melbourne installs RCBOs because this is the best way for you to protect your home and family. RCBO faults can be found easily, and you will lose only one circuit, rather than half your home if your appliance fails. We can select the right incoming supply for your electrical needs by calculating the switchboard’s size and cabling. All current legislative requirements are met when circuits are created from the switchboard. This ensures that you, your family, and staff are safe. Circuit protection is upgraded. We can perform additional work on older switchboards. This is done in the most cost-affordable way to ensure you get the best result without spending a lot.

Certificate of Compliance

Rescue Electric will provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety number to prove that your electrical work follows current regulations and has been tested. It is a valuable document that you can keep in case of future electrical work.

Melbourne Local Switchboard Upgrades

Rescue Electric Melbourne is a licensed and highly skilled team of electrician. We are insured electricians who provide prompt, professional services in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs. Our team is highly qualified and have the knowledge and training to provide the best advice when you are considering a domestic switchboard upgrade. We have more than 30 years’ experience in electrical work and can fix your switchboard issues. We are committed to making sure that the job gets done right and efficiently.

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