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An electrical safety inspection of your domestic home is a great way to make sure your electrical system is safe for you and your family. You want safety when it comes to your property or home. An electrical safety inspection of your home is the best way for you to determine if it is safe and compliant with all current safety regulations.

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Domestic Electrical Safety Inspection Services Melbourne

It is mandatory for Victorian landlords.

Are you unsure of your landlord obligations?

The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2019 require that the rental provider ensures an electrical safety inspection of all electrical fittings, appliances, and installations in the rented premises every two years by a registered or licensed electrician. On request by the renter, the rental provider must also provide the date of the last safety check. The rental provider must arrange for an electrical safety inspection of the rented premises if it hasn’t been done in the last two years.

Electrical Safety Checks

We’ll arrange an inspection with your Tenant or Property Manager, send you an Electrical Safety report and keep it in our database so that you receive a reminder about when your inspection is due. 

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Homeowners Electrical Safety Inspection

You want safety when it comes to your property or home. An electrical safety inspection of your home is the best way for you to determine if it is safe and compliant with all current safety regulations. It is a good idea to have an electrical inspection done before you buy a property. This will allow you to know what the condition of your wiring is before you make any costly mistakes. If there are any issues with the property, this can help you leverage in price negotiations. To conduct any domestic electrical testing, make sure to use a licensed electrician. Our qualified electricians will ensure the dafety of the wiring at your property or home.

Our master domestic electricians have been inspecting all kinds of homes for over 30 years. They have found that these are the most prevalent issues to be aware of:

Electrical Safety after Buying a Home

Your property’s safety is assured if all appliances, wiring, earth connections, and switchboards work properly, especially if your home is older. To minimize any potential danger, you should have an electrical inspection performed on your property.

This is a paramount step in our Electrical Safety inspection.  An RCD, or safety switch, is a device that reduces the risk of electrocution. This device monitors the current flow and protects you from faulty wiring. If there is an unforeseen danger, it will provide power cut solutions. This is a great way to protect your family from unknown dangers.

A 3-phase power upgrade may be the right solution for you if your property is experiencing increased power consumption due to multiple applications running simultaneously.  A 3-phase supply is useful for electrical equipment that consumes large amounts of energy. It uses multiple life wires to add voltage.

There is no earthing in the cables

For wiring to be safe, the earth cable is essential. If you don’t have adequate earthing, and a fault occurs, the external metal appliances could become live. If this happens, the current will travel through the body of anyone who touches the cable or any metal part. An earthing device is required for a house electrical installation. Earthing in cables will protect the electrical appliance from any damage and absorb excess electricity. If an earth cable is not connected to older electrical cables, this can be a problem if you need to replace an item or install a light fixture. You can rest assured that your cables are safe by organising an electrical safety inspection with Rescue Electric Melbourne.

Outdated Electrical Switchboards

Regularly check the switchboard to verify its status. This controls the entire electrical system of the property. You should ensure that the switchboard is as far from any elements as possible, i.e. Avoid water. This is an important safety feature for your home. Faulty or out-of-date switchboards can cause serious electrical problems such as short circuits and even fires. Rescue Electric will inspect the switchboard and determine if it is outdated. No additional electrical work can take place on a circuit if it has circuit breakers or fuses that are out of date. The most common solution to this problem is to replace or upgrade your switchboard.

VIR-Vulcanised Indian Rubber

This cable was installed in houses built before 1970. This type of lighting circuits requires that the cable be removed because it deteriorates over time and cause fire or shock hazards. We recommend that you get a free quote from Rescue Electric if you are considering purchasing an older home. We can inspect the property to ensure that your electrical meets the current safety standards.

Local Melbourne Electrical Safety Checks

Rescue Electric Melbourne is a licensed, skilled team of electricians that provides prompt, professional services in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. We have more than 30 years’ experience in electrical services. No matter how large the job, we can fix your switchboard issues and guarantee customer satisfaction. We take safety in electrical wiring very seriously. We will arrive as soon as possible to protect your home. We can provide professional electrical assistance no matter the size of the job.

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