Split System Air Conditioner Installation

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Split System Air Conditioner Installation Melbourne

Rescue Electric has been providing electrical services to the Melbourne community for more than 30 years. We furnish homes and businesses with cost-effective and efficient solutions. After answering endless requests from customers for air conditioning installation and repair jobs, our team became very qualified and began delivering heat and cool to Melbourne homes and businesses.

Our Rescue Electric electricians are familiar with the common problem of sub-standard air conditioner installation in Melbourne. Many need to be refitted. Our electricians are highly skilled and can install quality air conditioners in Melbourne with split systems. We also have a deep understanding of the various brands and models available.

Talk to our Rescue Electric electricians today if you’re looking for an air conditioner unit that is compact and quiet, with great heat and cooling capabilities. Our air conditioning installation team can help you choose the right unit for you.

Split-System Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Split-system air conditioning installation is the best option for cooling and heating. We work with a variety of split-unit brands such as Fuji, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi. They’re also cost-effective and quick to install. Split-system air conditioning installations consist of two units. The indoor unit is wall-mounted and distributes cool air and the outdoor unit heats it. Our Rescue Electric electricians can install reverse-cycle heating if your property needs it. Multiple units can be installed in your home at a fraction of the cost of multi-head systems.

All Melbourne Properties - Air Conditioning Installation

Rescue Electric can install air conditioning units into new and older Melbourne homes. We work within the existing infrastructure. No matter if you live in a brick, timber, or a multi-storey house, our electricians can create a plan to meet your needs. The size of the rooms will determine the number of units needed. Our electricians will inspect your property to see if it is possible to install air conditioning indoor and backdoor.

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Our electricians are all highly skilled and knowledgeable in installing split-system air conditioner units. For a free estimate on a new split-system air conditioner for your home, call us today. For any other electrical problems, you can contact us as well for such as:

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